The Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF) is a not-for-profit organisation that explores diverse and inspiring human stories through the mediums of film, art, music and forums. We promote integrity, respect and teamwork throughout our business. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and are committed to providing a positive work environment.


We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers! To enquire about other opportunities email: 


The HRAFF Board is on the hunt for a new CEO. We encourage our next Human Rights Arts and Film Festival Leader to apply. Applications will close in three weeks. More details here.

To keep up with employment opportunities, please subscribe to HRAFF’s e‐news and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


To keep up with employment opportunities at HRAFF, please subscribe to HRAFF news and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


To apply for an advertised position at HRAFF, please submit your resume and cover letter addressing the selection criteria by the nominated closing date and time.

Unless otherwise stated, applications should be sent to

HRAFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, age, national origin or disability.

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