And that’s a wrap! HRAFF Closing Night


A journey of love and exploring one’s own identity, Giant Little Ones was the perfect way to end the festival. Thoughtful, intriguing and warm, the film leaves you hopeful of a better future, one which is more accepting of every individual.


The film illustrates issues that society is dealing with today, primarily amongst teenagers and young adults, who are still trying to find their space in the world.


Showcasing the story of two best friends, Franky and Ballas, the movie resonates with the audience because of its authenticity. When the two friends get stuck in an awkward sexual encounter, Ballas gets freaked out because of what it would mean to his family and friends. He turns against Franky and it spirals into a world of fights, hatred and judgment.


The film, directed by Keith Behrman, touches upon a light topic in a sophisticated manner and does justice to every character as well.


The screening was the Victorian premier and was followed by a Q&A with Canadian actor Niahm Wilson, who plays the role of Mouse in the film. HRAFF was honoured to be able to screen this film with the support of the High Commission of Canada, a partnership that allowed us to bring the exceptional Niamh Wilson to Melbourne.  “Working on the set was a great experience as it was with the best and extremely passionate bunch of people,” Ms Wilson said.


The night was a huge success and ended with everyone smiling from ear to ear, armed with a glass of champagne and hope in the heart that stories that matter are being shared and the narrative is changing to be a positive one.  

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