Our donors have been critical to HRAFF over the past 11 years. We are delighted to thank the following HRAFF Directors Circle and miscellaneous donors.

Mim & Mike Bartlett
Brandon Batagol & Gab Cummins
Julian Burnside QC AO & Kate Durham
Daniel Casey
Michael & Ann Cohn
Christiana & Rob Colquhoun
Crosthwaite Family
Helen Gaffney
Russell Gordon & Judith Luscombe
Madeleine & Dr Jeremy Grummet
Vivienne Harris
Tim Hoffmann
Katrina & Simon Holmes a Court
The Humanity Foundation
Rossie & Ben James
Michael & Sylvia Kantor
Justin Long
Ian Kennedy AM & Dr Sandra Hacker AO
Jenny Macaffer
Ian & Paula McCall
Lisa & Adrian McCorkell
A & F McLeay
Ron Merkel QC & Beth Charles
Ron Merkel QC & Beth Charles
Karen & Alan Mitchell
Monique Morris & William Allen
Seri Renkin & Danny Bessell Monique
The Scanlon Foundation
Kingsley Slipper
Evelyn Tadros & Zvi Belling
Thomas Kane & Kathy Townsend
Ian & Penelope Ward Ambler
Deanne Weir Daniel Casey
Peter Ivany

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