Podcast: Bank Australia in conversation with HRAFF Chair and Co-Founder Evelyn Tadros

On Purpose Partnership: Our Principal Partner Bank Australia on why they partner with HRAFF

It’s been great to be part of HRAFF’s journey and see the festival grow. Marking the Festival’s 10 year anniversary, we interviewed HRAFF co-founder Evelyn Tadros for the first episode of our On Purpose podcast.

As a bank, sometimes we are asked why Bank Australia finds itself linked to human rights and the arts. For us, the answer is simple – because we care.

Our partnership with HRAFF exists for a number of reasons and one of them is giving voice to people. HRAFF is an example of empowering those who are in the centre of human rights abuse.

Like HRAFF, we strongly believe in the power of our community and of each individual. The focus of our support is guided by our customers who share with us what matters to them. Being more active in human rights is one of them. One of the ways we address these concerns is through the Bank Australia Impact Fund in which we invest 4% of our after-tax profits in community projects.

One of our last year’s recipients WIRE Women’s Information organises and runs workshops informing women about employment opportunities. They address challenges many women are faced with when it comes to job hunting and help build their confidence and fight the feeling of insecurity.

There are always opportunities for us to create a positive impact for our community and the planet. HRAFF definitely inspires us to do more in the area of human rights by pushing the scale of the festival every time a bit further.

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