It’s Time to Change the Narrative.

We know election-time is often a time of peak fear-mongering and division. This election we want to create a public counterbalance of positivity, love, empathy and humanity.

Just as hateful stories create hateful actions, positive stories create positive actions. By showcasing film, art and forums we are providing a platform for those who have been marginalized to foster unity and compassion for humanity.

Ticket sales only cover 20% of the cost of showing these films. By donating to HRAFF, you ensure our survival.

Join us in the movement to tell stories that create love and generate positive change.

You have the power to help change humanity by making compassion great again. Will you stand up for human rights and help us change the narrative?

Donate now.
$5 helps us showcase stories of love and unity online
$100 supports our speakers program with the insights to spark this change.
$200 contributes to our film fund to show a film of love and unity
$3000 will enable us to feature a film that will change the narrative

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